As featured in VERVE MAGAZINE
February 2015

Treat yourself to a glass of wine without any of the nasty side effects.


v2If you suffer from symptoms such as: Headaches, flushes, blocked nasal cavities and IBS after a glass of wine, then you may have an allergy to sulphites. Most of us enjoy a glass of wine or two from time to time, but for those of us with a predisposition towards wine allergies and the resulting after effects, it can ruin the experience. UBfree wine drops is a New Zealand made, organic product developed to combat these effects. We caught up with the couple behind the cure, Christina and Miles Clifford, to find out more.

So first of all, how did you find out about these wine drops and how have they helped you and people you know to deal with wine allergies and headaches? 

It all started when I was unable to drink wine without having headaches and nasal congestion. I wondered if it was the sulphites in wine so I questioned my GP about it. She confirmed my thinking. As I thoroughly enjoy drinking wine I really didn’t want to choose another drink so both Miles and I went on a search for a solution. We started asking lots of questions about sulphites and why are they in wine which led to the development of the wine drops. We had an initial formula and engaged the services of a food scientist who helped us refine the formula. It worked amazingly for me and for friends who were also suffering. After 18 months of research and development we took it to market in 2013. Since then many people are now able to enjoy wine again. We have a customer who couldn’t drink wine for 25 years and decided to try our product. She was absolutely thrilled as she now enjoys a glass of wine without any allergy-like symptoms.

Could you explain, in layman terms, how these drops will neutralise the compounds associated with allergies to wine? 

UBfree Wine Drops works in two ways. Firstly it oxidises the wine which reduces the free sulphites and secondly the mineral we add allows your body to naturally digest the bound sulphites in wine. In effect we are making the sulphites neutralised so your body can naturally do the rest.

Is this product aimed solely at people who suffer from sulphite allergies, or is there a benefit for others? 

UBfree Wine Drops can be viewed as a preventative measure. As our bodies age, we can become more susceptible to sulphite intolerance. People who use our product, who aren’t sulphite intolerant, report that they feel better when consuming wine and it tastes smoother.

Is it true that UB drops can actually improve the quality of some young wines by ‘cellaring’ them? 

The short answer is yes. This is the direct result of rapid oxidisation. A professional wine taster noted that after adding the UBfree wine drops that “the taste is brighter, fresher, and the tannins have become smoother . . . the fruit notes more dominant.”

 And finally, where is your business headed? 

We have been so excited and thrilled with the response in the market place so far. UBfree Wine Drops sells themselves and being a New Zealand made, organic product is definitely beneficial. We are working hard towards making this product available in all supermarkets, health shops, pharmacies and liquor outlets. In five years we would love UBfree Wine Drops to be a household name.