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White Wine Dropper Bottle


Pack contains 1 x 8ml dropper bottle for White Wine. 

  • Reduces sulphites in approximately 20 standard glasses of white wine. 
  • Safe and fast-acting.
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Enjoy sulphite reduced wine with UBfree’s scientifically-proven formula. It’s the healthy choice.

If you experience negative effects after drinking wine or are sulphite intolerant, UBfree maybe for you.

This dropper bottle will neutralise free sulphites in approximately 20 standard glasses of white wine.

Simply add 6 drops into a glass of white wine.

Swirl and wait for approximately 30 seconds. Enjoy sulphite free wine!

Pack contains 1 x 8ml dropper bottle. SAVE: Twin Packs are also available for purchase.

UBfree, the healthy choice!

Additional information


Add 6 drops to a standard glass of wine.


Swirl and wait for approx 30 seconds.


Enjoy your sulphite reduced wine!