Background of UBfree and the journey to date

UB Free Limited was established in May 2012 by a Nelson, New Zealand couple who invented wine drops which reduce sulphites in red and white wine. Christina Clifford (co-founder) suffered headaches, heart palpitations and nasal congestion after drinking wine due to it’s added sulphites.

Instead of Christina changing her drink, she partnered with husband Miles to seek a solution and developed UBfree Wine Drops. After much research and quality testing, UBfree was launched in May 2013. The couple were very fortunate to have the opportunity to share their product on national television where the product became very popular very quickly.

From that point on retailers are still contacting UBfree to stock the wine drops in their store as customers continue to demand it. UBfree also has had strong interest internationally with distributors in South Africa, Cook Islands, Canada, and recently Australia and South East Asia.

Why are we looking at selling?

Simple, we are holding UB Free’s potential back! Miles and Christina have always had other business interests which are taking more time, so unfortunately UBfree is not receiving the time and care that it needs for it to continue to grow.

It has been a four year journey for the Clifford’s with UBfree, from idea, invention, research and development and finally to market. They are incredibly proud of how they have established UBfree Wine Drops and UBfree has great foundations for the new owner to take it to the next level.

The potential of where things are at

UBfree is stocked in number of retail outlets across New Zealand and has the potential to be hosted in all supermarkets, specialist health stores and liqour outlets. We are working with several international markets which is very exciting. As the world is becoming more educated around allergies and issues with food, UBfree is in good stead to be able to increase its sales channels.

Who this business would suit?

UBfree Wine Drops needs a person/organisation who is passionate about this product and wants others to experience the benefit of drinking wine without having the nasty side effects! It requires someone with time and ideally with relevant business contacts in the food/health distribution industry.

This business is ready to fly! It can be based from home as all packaging is outsourced.

What we love about the business!

We have loved helping people enjoy drinking wine again who couldn’t due to the effects of sulphites/preservatives. We have had continued positive feedback of people enjoying their social lives again with thanks to UBfree Wine Drops. On a personal note it’s been a joy and privilege to have to test each batch of UBfree Wine Drops which includes tasting wine – what a chore!