Here at UBfree we are absolutely thrilled to be able to help sulphite intolerant people enjoy wine again.

If you suffer from allergy-like symptoms after drinking wine then UBfree is for you. You can read some of the amazing feedback we have received via our Facebook Page below.

“Love this product, makes a difference for sure.First time I have had a wine in 6 years was wonderful and felt great afterwards with no migraines at all.”

“Thanks UB for a fantastic product.”

“This is my second order of the product and it is great! So relieved that there is a product that enables me to enjoy wine again!”

“Will spread the word on how well it works.”

“Firstly I ordered some UB free from you a few weeks ago, and just want to say a huge THANKS for making this product! I have always been a wine drinker, but have always suffered the consequences for it 🙁 Am rapt with using it now, and finally being able to drink wine and have no after effects 🙂 so thanks heaps!”

“So pleased as works a treat – my hubby did a blind test did not know he had added the drops and for first time in many years have not blocked up after a glass of wine.”

“Terrific news is I can enjoy a glass or two of wine again thanks to UBfree! I have had no reaction what so ever which is fantastic.”

“It was a year ago when I had my worst reaction ever (had been building up over the previous year or so) Two glasses (reasonably large) and instant hangover headache, completely blocked nose, hands looked like they had been dipped into boiling water, real dark red flushing, and then I was having trouble breathing as in getting my breath not just with my blocked nose if you know what I mean. Very scary. So must admit I took it pretty easy and was a little apprehensive with trying your product but I have had a bottle of wine in between Tuesday and Saturday with no effects at all.”

“So I really appreciate your efforts and think your product is wonderful. Thanks again and keep it going!”

“I was excited to see your Nelson Mail article. But then I tried the UB free drops and I am a huge fan! I was diagnosed with a sulpha sensitivity at age 17, but as long as I was careful about not overindulging, I kept drinking wines. Over the years it has gotten worse and worse until finally I couldn’t tolerate any wine at all for several years now. Using your drops I am completely reaction free and LOVING it! That is just an amazing product you have and I wish you huge worldwide success with it! I bought heaps of it in Richmond Fresh Choice, and my friends are hooked on the smoother taste of their wine now too!”

“I saw your article on Seven Sharp, ordered the white wine sachets & am a total convert – you have saved me from trying, unsuccessfully, to find something else to drink.”

“Just to let you know how delighted I am with your product. No hot face, blocked nose, etc. Unfortunately my friends here in the sounds all wanted to try product over the weekend – hence new order today. You may be getting some new customers??”

“Thank you so much for inventing this. I have had to make my own wine for years (sulphite free) but do so love the Australian and French reds when I’m out. It’s the heart palpitations I get and it’s quite scary. My husband also gets affected with swelling to his hands (he has multiple chemical reactions) so has been unable to drink it at all.”

“I had to stop drinking wine due to the headaches, sinus congestion and shortage of breath. Tried the UBFree on Saturday and everything was great. Thanks for your hard work.”

“Just had to contact you and say thanks for such a fantastic product!! I suffer from IBS especially with red wine, but now enjoy my red wine with NO ill effects!!! 😳 Yay!! Thanks again.”

“Well I must say this stuff is amazing, I have been unable to drink Sav’s for sometime without feeling terrible after just one glass and now with using UBfree can have them again also can now have two glasses of red without having a hangover. We have just had a few days away at the Marlborough Sounds and gave the UBfree a good test and I must say that it came through with flying colours on all counts, and it’s good to know I can now drink the odd glass of wine again and feel great.”

“I am definitely a new customer.”

“I never gave up drinking wine, but yes, had terrible sinus congestion, and headache, so wine in one hand, panadeine in the other! but not a good look, and panadeine helps with the headache but not the congestion or breathlessness.”

“This stuff is great!!! My boyfriend used to get really bad reactions to drinking red wine, instant rash over his face and torso, stomach cramps and wicked symptoms the next day. I brought some ubfree last week and we tried it out in the weekend, NO symptoms what-so ever!!! Over the moon!! Thanks so much.”

“Had a glass of wine before dinner & yippee…… no stuffy sinusy nose or funny tummy as would normally be the case. Awesome, thanks so much guys – I can enjoy a wine again!”

“You have given me back wine!! Your product is AMAZING and I no longer have to worry about the 3 day sinus headaches and nausea I had to gamble with previously. I can’t thank you enough!!”

“Thank you so much for marketing this product. I love it. Had a big glass of wine after work today & no instant headache or red blotchy neck & face. I never thought I would ever drink wine again.”

“Not only do I feel better from using UBfree, I am also enjoying social occasions more. Great product!”